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Our Story 

Family tradition is at the heart of Highpoint Wreath Co. Read on to learn about the hopes, dreams, and start of this seasonal business.

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It all began in 1984…

in the hills of Ogema, Wisconsin. Whether spring, summer, fall or winter it is here deep within the heart of Northern Wisconsin the sent of Christmas lingers. The smell of evergreen, the taste of sweet candy, and a child’s dream of Santa can all be found just down that old road where the wreaths and roping are produced to this day.

Pictured: Lyle and Kathy in the early days of Highpoint Wreath Co.

High Quality Doesn't Stop at Wreaths

We want a work space that is inviting and ready for every wreath season. This started with a full renovation of the property and workshop, and continues with yearly updates to ensure the best possible work conditions.

Our mom see’s the world through a focal point that most can only find in an imagined novel. Listening to her share stories of past adventures, and uttering dreams that came at the most serendipitous moments filled my childhood with tales of deep thought and breath. My memories were of living life as if we were traveling through our own secret closet hidden in Ogema Wisconsin.

Alongside was my stepdad who rarely said no, but rather enjoyed the toils and joy of their journey. With one fell swoop of his lunchbox he was knight who built bridges and over came obstacles. As child I watched one such adventure brought to life, was of all things fashioned with old telephone wire, mom’s Italian grit and muscle, fan of balsam tied with endless wire streams, and ten little hands which sought out the homes of sleepy squirrels and hidden pine cones gems

It is here the dream began…   

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